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Tax Refund Project Planning: Kitchen Renovations to Reflect Your Taste

If you’re expecting a tax refund this year, why not invest in some customized additions into some home improvements? As the leading home addition contractors serving Doylestown, PA, and nearby regions, we know that home additions enhance kitchens while adding value to a property. Not only is the functionality and aesthetic beauty of property improved, but the resale value can increase with each unique addition that we provide. (more…)

How to Choose the Best Custom Cabinets For Your Home

As the leading home renovation contractors in the Bucks County, PA area, Daniel Fox Construction is the company to call when your home needs an update. This can include both the outside of a home (exteriors, additions, porches, and decks), as well as the interior, such as your kitchen and bathroom area. Having a beautiful kitchen is one of the best ways to make  a good impression when you have company visiting. Even if your visitors aren’t at your house for a meal, chances are they’ll get a look at the kitchen before they leave the house. 


The Most Common Reasons People Want Home Additions

Sure, you love your home, but don’t you ever wish that you could get more out of it? Many people have found that getting an addition built onto your house has given their home that something extra that they’ve felt was missing. In addition to offering quality kitchen and bathroom renovations to Bucks County, PA, Daniel Fox Construction also specializes in home additions for those looking for an upgrade. There is an abundance of reasons many choose to install home additions, but these are among the most popular reasons.


Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home

At Daniel Fox Construction, trusted home addition contractors in the Blue Bell, PA, area, we believe it doesn’t take much effort to transform a room. It only takes a little bit of creativity — and an experienced, skilled craftsman doesn’t hurt, either. With our custom woodwork services and built-in designs, we can turn a dull living room into a cozy haven by building a window seat. By adding a reading nook to a bedroom or kitchen, we create a place for meditation and relaxation without taking up a lot of space. (more…)

Build a Backyard Retreat in Time For Summer with Dan Fox Construction

One of life’s simple pleasures is relaxing outdoors with friends and family during the warm spring and summer months. Take your backyard entertainment possibilities to the next level by calling Daniel Fox Construction to design and build you an outdoor retreat.

In addition to their prowess as indoor remodeling specialists, our home addition contractors in the Doylestown, PA, area do beautiful work outside the home that not only increases your enjoyment of the property but adds value to it. (more…)