Here at Daniel Fox Construction, we provide several modifications that can help to make a bathroom or kitchen area handicap-accessible for yourself or a loved one.

We’re a Leading Handicap Accessible Contractor

Our remodeling experts can make your home more handicap-accessible in compliance with all current ADA regulations. Our staff is committed to improving living environments and making them more manageable for people with special needs.

Bathroom Services

Bathrooms can become hazardous places in the homes of disabled or elderly adults. Our team makes bathrooms safer and more accessible by remodeling the area. We can make several changes and install a range of devices that increase overall safety levels in a bathroom, including (but not limited to):

Applying Non-Slip Flooring

A slippery floor can be one of the biggest safety hazards anywhere, but especially in a bathroom, where a floor is likely to become wet when people step out of the bath or shower. The increased grip of-non-slip flooring can greatly reduce the risk of a fall.  

Installing Textured Grab Bars by the Shower and Toilet

Getting in and out of the shower can be difficult for those with limited mobility. With sturdy bars offering added support, homeowners can maintain their independence in the bathroom, especially if we install a walk-in tub or roll-in shower for ease of access.

Rounding Counter Edges

Falls are dangerous already, without the added risk of hitting one’s head on a sharp surface. In addition to making falls less likely with the previous modifications, rounding counter edges makes the chance of a serious injury less likely in case of a fall. 

Kitchen Services

Using ADA guidelines as a basis for our kitchen remodeling services, we can make your kitchen safer and more accessible in a variety of ways: 

  • Clearing a floor space offering a minimum of 60-inches turning space 
  • Replacing all the knobs used for drawers and cabinets with handles 
  • Lever-style or adaptable handled faucets can be installed with ease
  • Increasing the number of electrical outlets for added lighting if necessary
  • Installing adaptable cabinets for additional knee space, along with the inclusion of maneuvering space in doorways
  • Lowering cabinets to a manageable height

For additional information, or to discuss making your home more ADA accessible, click here to contact a member of our team today.