Here at Daniel Fox Construction, we offer a range of exterior renovations and additions. Our services include siding, windows, doors, decks, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, porches, patios, and sunrooms. This piece will offer tips on how to keep your sunroom warm during winter and cool during summer.

How to Heat A Cool Sunroom


Check the Window Frames

Install some weather-stripping or use caulk to seal any gaps between window frames. Additionally, seal the areas where two frames together or between the wall and the frame.

Add Insulation to Window Surfaces

Applying a layer of clear plastic can help to keep warm air inside your sunroom. Plastic improves your windows’ energy efficiency, especially if the glass is single-paned.

Tint Windows to Keep Radiant Heat Inside

Window tinting helps to stop solar energy from escaping once the sun has warmed a space. Although tinting can darken the view from your windows, its benefits outweigh the disadvantage of a cold sunroom.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans create heat and circulate any hot air that is already in your sunroom. Fans will push any hot air that rises back down into your living area, warming up the whole family.

Cover the Windows with Drapes

Use insulated drapes to trap all the warm air inside your sunroom. Open the drapes during daytime hours, and close them when the sun goes down. This will help to maintain warm solar gain.

How to Cool a Hot Sunroom

Cooling a hot sunroom can be a challenge, but here are some ideas to work with:

Increase Airflow

We recommend having some ventilation openings high in your sunroom. This means, when heat naturally rises, it has somewhere to escape from the building. Ventilation fans may be required to encourage the hot air to move towards the vents; this will depend on your sunroom’s design.

Use Window Tinting

Window tinting will help to block out both light and heat in your sunroom. Insulated windows may also be useful, but these need to be considered during the construction phase of your sunroom to avoid costly replacements,

Install Blinds

We recommend installing blinds on the inside of your sunroom windows to offer some shade during the intense summer heat. Blinds are great because they can be tilted up or down, deflecting solar radiation in different directions.

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