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When you think of your kitchen and your bathroom, what comes to mind?

If the answer is anything like moldy, filthy, run-down, in desperate need of an upgrade, then we have news for you. You may need to look into kitchen and bathroom renovations. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far if you live in or near Springhouse, Yardley and Doylestown, or anywhere else in Bucks County, Pennsylvania because we know that we’ll have everything you need here at Daniel Fox Construction.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations and More

You can transform two of the most important rooms in your home with the help of our kitchen and bathroom renovations here at Daniel Fox Construction. For over 25 years, we’ve used hard work, innovation, the top materials, a little bit of elbow grease and a commitment to excellence to ensure that homeowners get exactly what they want and need when it comes to construction of their house, including kitchen remodeling services and bathroom remodeling services.

You might be thinking to yourself, it sounds tempting, but is it really worth it?

Well, it might depend on how new your kitchen or bathroom is, but for the most part, it’s worth it in the long run. In fact, we’ll list some of the benefits that kitchen and bathroom renovations can provide for you and your home. Here they are:

  • Increase comfort for you and your family - Whether you feel like things are constantly breaking in the bathroom (toilet, shower, sink) or whether you feel as though things need an upgrade in the kitchen (stove, sink, countertops, cabinets), renovations will significantly increase the amount of comfort in your home for you and your family. We also have handicap accessible contractors to ensure comfort for everyone in your home.

  • Improve your home’s value - Everyone likes to hear the words, “Improve your home’s value.” If you think that you may sell your home anytime in the future, kitchen and bathrooms renovations usually help attract more buyers and help you sell the home at a higher price.

  • Reduce energy costs by increasing energy efficiency - By renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you can reduce future energy costs by increasing energy efficiency. We’ll upgrade your older kitchen appliances and bathroom accessories to more energy-efficient models, which helps reduce the amount of energy you use. This not only helps the environment but also helps you pay the bills.

  • Update the look - Some people may like the vintage or antique look, but you might be tired of your bathroom or kitchen looking like it’s from another era. We’ll install anything you like, including cabinets, countertops, floors, appliances and more, to update the look and give you a kitchen or bathroom that you’ll be proud to show off to friends, family and acquaintances.

Home Additions

If you’re looking for more than just bathroom and kitchen renovations, you can also come to us for home additions. Whether you want an extra bathroom, an extra bedroom or another room for any reason, you can rely on our home addition contractors. We serve those in Doylestown, Springhouse, Yardley, and other local areas in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.