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Handicap Accessible Contractor

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Handicap Accessible Contractor

Do you have a loved one who is disabled or struggling with limitations because of their age? Or, are you searching for a qualified contractor to perform ADA modifications to your home?

You can count on the remodeling experts here at Daniel Fox Construction to make your more home handicap accessible based on ADA compliance regulations. We’re committed to helping people with special needs avoid the unnecessary challenges of an unaccommodating living environment! We perform modifications for customers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas, including Doylestown, Blue Bell, Yardley, Springhouse and more.

No matter what you might need to make your home more handicap accessible, you can rely on Daniel Fox Construction to create a safer, less challenging living situation for your loved one. From bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to additions, decks and porches, we do it all!. Furthermore, we’re experienced with building handicapped ramps to provide users with more safety and independence. Here’s some more detail on our ADA modification services:


There’s no doubt that bathrooms can be the most dangerous rooms in a disabled or aging adult’s home. When we perform bathroom remodeling services with the goal of making it handicap accessible, we’ll make a number of changes and install a variety of devices to improve the overall safety of the room, including:

  • Clear floor space: 5’ x 5’
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Make sure bathroom size of at least 5’ by 8’
  • Textured grab bars by the toilet bathroom and shower
  • Offset controls in the shower/tub to limit bending and reaching
  • 48’ x 56’ toilet space with centerline of toilet installed 18’ from the side wall
  • Doors that are unlockable from the outside
  • Bathroom telephone
  • Rounded counter edges
  • Walk-in tubs & roll-in showers for easy access
  • Curbless shower with a non-slip surface and fold-down seat
  • Hand-held shower head


Based on ADA compliance regulations, our kitchen remodeling services involve clearing floor space with a minimum 60-inch turning circle. In addition, we’ll replace knobs used for cabinets and drawers with handles, as well as install lever style or adaptable handled faucets. We’ll also increase the number of electrical outlets for additional lighting, along with reachable appliances and alarm indicators.

ADA kitchen modifications also include maneuvering the amount of space in doorways and using adaptable cabinets to create knee space, or lowering them to a manageable height. No matter what, you can trust that our remodeling contractors can make all the changes necessary to ensure your loved one’s kitchen is more handicap accessible and less challenging on a daily basis!

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Here at Daniel Fox Construction, we strive to help people redesign their homes in such a way that makes it more functional based on their needs. And you can rest assured, we understand and follow all regulations necessary to keep your loved ones safe. In fact, the most common mistake that inexperienced contractors make while building is following a design that’s steeper than the required 1:12 slope. However, our team of home addition contractors and custom deck builders will make sure every ramp is built in compliance with ADA modifications, so that your loved ones can navigate around their homes as safely as possible!

Remember, we perform ADA handicap accessible modifications in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas, including Doylestown, Blue Bell, Yardley, Springhouse and more. To receive a free estimate, fill out a contact form on our website or call 888-608-8939 to speak with a professional today.

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