Have you been dreaming about finishing your basement? Is it finally time to take advantage of all that extra space?

What are you waiting for?!

At Daniel Fox Construction, we take great pride in making our customers’ dreams a reality! We can transform your cold, damp, concrete dungeon into a brand new comfortable living space that everyone can enjoy! For those of you who are entertaining the idea, here are four reasons to finish your basement this year:

1. No more floods

Once the remodeling project is complete, you’ll no longer have to worry about water seeping up from the ground. Anyone who has ever lived in a home with an unfinished basement can probably attest to the inconvenience involved. Whenever you see a rainstorm in the forecast, it usually means that the base of your home will soon turn into a swamp…

Tossing down newspapers every time there’s a downpour definitely gets old! Plus, you really can’t even store anything important down there when it’s unfinished considering the possibility of it getting wet. And you must know all about that musty smell, too. Well, when you waterproof your basement, that will also cease to exist.

2. Bring friends and family together

Sure, you might have a nice living room, family room and kitchen–maybe even a deck and a pool that you enjoy in the summer. But, what you certainly don’t have is a beautiful, comfortable living space designed for all kinds of activities. No matter if you’re running out of room or have all the space in the world, nothing compares to the intimate space and luxury that a remodeled basement can offer!

If you have enough room, you might want to include a pool table, ping pong table or arcade games. Or maybe you’re interested in building a bar or designing your own, personal home gym. One thing’s for certain, though; you’re definitely going to want to mount a nice flat screen TV for you and your family to watch all your favorite sports, movies and shows. With so many different ways to utilize your new space, your basement will become the perfect place for hanging out!

3. Improve the value of your home

Whether you just recently moved into your home or you figure you’ll move in the future when your children get older, a finished basement will significantly improve the value of your home. Essentially, this space is like an additional floor of your home–which means that if you were to remodel it, your home will be seen as larger and more spacious.

Although you’re probably not thinking about selling your home any time soon, at least you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that if/when you decide to sell, you can see a return on your investment. In addition, with more and more people finishing their basements every year, renovating this part of your home will only work in your favor now and far into the future!

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