As the leaves begin to fall from trees and football games are on, there’s no doubt that fall is in the air! Is your family looking for a fun way to start out the fall season and celebrate? There are plenty of special holidays this season that deserving of some special recognition.


If you haven’t taken a look at your unique honorary days coming up, you and your family might be missing out. Here are just a few excuses to celebrate this fall.


  • Celebrate a wacky national holiday. Did you know that National Dessert Day is celebrated annually on Oct. 14th? What about Learn a New Word Day on Oct. 16th? There are actually a number of bizarre and wacky national holidays nearly every day in the fall. Check out to find a fun holiday that appeals to you, and try to take some time out of your day to celebrate a non-traditional holiday!


  • Celebrate your house being remodeled. Have you thought about switching up your space before winter arrives? A handicap-accessible contractor in Bucks County from Daniel Fox Construction can add a new feature to your building, like a remodeled living space or bathroom. If you’re moving to a new home entirely, make sure that you hire a handicap-accessible contractor in Doylestown, PA to ensure that your new space is accessible for all of your friends and family, and don’t forget to celebrate!


  • Hold a fall-themed competition. Why not get your neighborhood involved in the fall fun? From pumpkins to warm apple cider, there are tons of things that are unique to the season and would make a perfect subject for some friendly neighborhood competition. Buying a dozen mini pumpkins and holding a painting contest, inviting friends and family to share their favorite apple pie recipes or holding a competition to see who can take the best fall photography are easy ways to get your family and neighbors ready for fall!


If you’re thinking about adding a new feature to your home this fall, you can turn to our professionals. Contact Daniel Fox Construction for all your remodeling or extension needs before winter arrives. Happy fall!