Our founder, Dan Fox, is proud to be a Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP), as designated by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Those are some pretty formal-sounding terms, but what do they actually mean?

Simply put, a certification in Universal Design proves that a contractor has been trained to design and construct buildings that accommodate all people, regardless of age or ability.

What Is Universal Design?

The concept of Universal Design involves seven basic principles that the contractor must take into account:

  • Can every person make equal use of this living space?
  • Is the space flexible?
  • Is the structure the right size and does it contain enough space for the resident to approach it and use it?
  • Does the space contain perceptible information, enabling ease of use?
  • Does making use of the living space require a low amount of physical effort?
  • Does the design accommodate error by the user?
  • Is the living space simple to comprehend?

Training in Universal Design equips the contractor to interview clients with proper sensitivity to their particular needs. It could be a senior citizen wishing to “age-in-place,” or equip his or her home for the physical and mental changes that come with aging so he or she does not have to relocate to an assisted living facility.

It could be a family living with a special needs child or disabled loved one who requires special safety accommodations within the house, such as wheelchair-accessible cabinets or bathroom fixtures.

Why Should You Choose a Contractor Certified by NARI?

A Universal Design Certified Professional also understands how to execute these projects and create an inclusive living space for all clients. The UDCP certification also demands that the contractor uphold the NARI’s high ethical standards.

Universal Design is a wonderful concept because it gives people the freedom to live where they want to live, and enjoy their home without limitation. For a contractor like Dan, a UDCP certification allows him to use his craft to empower people. It truly makes Dan Fox Construction a full-service team of home addition contractors for the Doylestown, PA, area and beyond.

Dan would love to put his Universal Design knowledge and skills to work for you and your family to create a gorgeous living space that accommodates all your needs. Contact us today to get started on kitchen or bathroom remodeling for your Bucks County, PA home.